Meditation Bench- Acacia wood

Over the years we have been looking for a meditation bench that was solid, incapable, and did not look like it was built in a middle school woodshop. Which causes pain when it comes to meditation; we want a real piece of furniture on which we feel confident and comfortable to sit for a long time. We were looking for something to make us feel beautiful to sit on that, we have found the solution to this, a soft, painless, and comfortable bench. Handmade using sustainable acacia wood, each piece is crafted by professional furniture makers. Reviewers on Amazon rave about this bench, citing its uses for meditation.

Product Description

This bench is sustainable for practitioners. It is very comfortable & allows you to sit in a perfectly supported kneeling position. It works both for sitting and kneeling. The current bottoms on the legs allowed the bench to angle forward & put your hips in the right alignment. This bench relaxes the knee angle bend and helps to reduce pressure. It is a perfect choice to sit on during meditation. It is a wonderful alternative to a cushion. It adds value to your time by making you feel relaxed deeply inside.

Key Features

  • Best for practitioners up to 6′ 1″ in height. Handmade from long-lasting acacia wood.
  • Painless meditation sessions with a comfortable cushion seat.
  • Rounded and angled pedestal legs that are securely stable. No ugly screws.
  • THIS IS NOT FOLDABLE. We find foldable benches are unstable.
  • Finally, a solid meditation bench that is real furniture. Measures 18″ in length, 8 inches wide.
  • Available in four colors.


Pros & Cons


  1. Painless meditation sessions
  2. Very comfortable to sit on it
  3. This is stable and does not move while meditation
  4. This bench is professionally crafted and durable
  5. High quality and looks good
  6. Available at a reasonable price

Buying Guide

If you are suffering from knee issues and you are looking for something soft and perfect to hold your height, then this bench is for you. This meditation bench is not only beautiful to look at, but it makes mediation session quite comfortable. The current bottoms on the legs allowed the bench to angle forward & put your hips in the right alignment. It takes the weight off & makes you sit more comfortably. You can sit on it for a long time without discomfort. It is available in multiple heights; reach out to yours to make the best fit with it. It feels like solid beneath and does not move. You can place it anywhere; it fits with each environment inside a hall as well as in the ground. It feels solid beneath and does not move, you can use it on the carpeted surface as well as in the ground.


This is the best bench to sit on it; it makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed deep inside. It is the best fit for both sitting and kneeling. It can be used on both carpeted surfaces and in-ground. It is stable and durable. You will enjoy the softness & comfort of this bench with beautiful colors.


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