Men’s Designer Sunglasses – Gucci Collection

Do you want to add Gucci sunglasses to your collection but don’t know where to start? In this guide, we will take you on a journey to discover the best

and how you can make a high fashion statement with them. Before we go on to look at these glasses, let’s first do a quick intro about Gucci.

About Gucci

Gucci, the gold standard in Italian luxury was founded by a man named Gucci Gucci in the 1920’s. Originally known for their high-end leather goods, Gucci accessories like their eyewear and sunglasses have since become one of the most iconic designer accessories for men and women who adore high fashion and are willing to spend money for incredible designs. The Gucci brand is known in over one hundred countries around the world; it has become a worldwide leader in sophisticated fashion and glamour.

Gucci sunglasses are recognized mostly for their wide lens design. These designs have a captivating feel to it that can surely turn heads in a crowd. If you want to make a high fashion statement with your sunglasses, then consider Gucci sunglasses.

Get the Look

Women love showing off their beautifully designed sunglasses. However, they are not the only ones who love showing off their sunglasses. Men too can buy globally recognized designer sunglasses that they will be proud to show off. For men who want original, sophisticated, and timeless Gucci sunglasses, designer optics is the place to visit. No matter what your style is, you can be sure of finding something right for you with designer optics.

Oval Shape Gucci Sunglasses

If you are looking for sunglasses that will give you the oval look, consider the Gucci oval shape sunglasses. Here are some oval shaped Gucci sunglasses

  • Gucci Opulent Luxury GG0077SK Sunglasses

This sunglass is inspired by the existing 2016 collection. It has a trendy combo shape that is characterized by distinctive metal temple. It will give you a vintage feeling, thanks to the painting of the three web colors that are directly on the metal and lasered Gucci logo.



  • Gucci Logo GG0677SK Sunglasses

This sunglass which is vintage inspired is for classic Gucci lovers. It has a round shape with acetate rims in contrast with the light metal gold structure of the front and temples.

Gucci Sunglasses for Sporty Men

If you are a sportsman, you may likely want a sunglass that is practical for your active lifestyle and at the same time matches your sporty attires. Gucci square-frame and full-rim sunglasses are perfect for almost any activity. Here are some squared shaped Gucci sunglasses.

  • Gucci Seasonal Icon GG0664S Sunglasses

This sporty collection sunglass was conceived from mountain sport styles of the 70s. It carries the Gucci lettering logo on metal plaque and Gucci holes on end tips. It also features a masculine color palette from black to bright blue.

  • Gucci Web GG0687S Sunglasses

This sporty concept sunglass is characterized by a classic style. It has a rectangular masculine shape with front in acetate and temples in metal. It carries the Gucci lettering logo and shimmering stripes on temples. It also features a classic color palette alternated with colorful temples with a galvanic effect for stripes.


The Gucci fashion line offers elegant simplicity and impeccable craftsmanship and their line of sunglasses is no different. If you want style, quality, and artistic sunglasses, go for Gucci. Not only do Gucci sunglasses have a lot of color options, but they also have frames and rims that make them suitable sunglasses for almost any activity. Buy your Gucci sunglasses for men from




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