Top Fashion Trends From 2020 to Follow in 2021

Fashion is your style statement. It reflects your personality, sense of dressing, and how you carry yourself. With the advancement and modernization of the fashion industry, trends come and fade like the wind. Still, some trends will forever stay even when the wind passes. 

Here are some fashion trends from 2020 that you should follow even in 2021.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the top streetwear. No matter how hot or cold, the weather does not affect leather jackets. It reflects the badass personality and enhances the boldness of every individual. Leather jackets in black color are famous the most for their versatility. 

A black leather jacket suits well with any and every outfit. There is something about a black leather jacket that never lets it get old. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match different colors. Wear a camel brown colored leather jacket with skin-tight blue pants and a white O-neck crisp shirt. 

There are red, blue, green, and so many more colors you can experiment with. Your styling can never go wrong with a leather jacket. Whatever colored leather jacket you wear, don’t go too overboard with bells and belts. Let it stay classic!

Cashmere Sweaters

Made from the hair of Kashmir goat, cashmere sweaters are incredibly soft and always in style. Wearing a cashmere sweater will feel like having light fur on your body as they are extremely lightweight. Purchase the solid color sweaters, which are a classic, in the typical sweater O-neck shape adorned without any bells or buttons. 

Trench Coats

A trend for winters, trench coats will never fade. For an elegant and classic look, a trench coat becomes the right topper. The coat keeps you away from cold and from drops during the rainy season with its tailored appeal. 

Wear a trench coat that fits right on your body. Your trench coat should be a bit modern that is well-fitted. If you are wearing a dress or short shirt and pants, wearing a trench coat over your outfit will only increase your outer beauty and sense of style. 

Korean Jamsu

It sounds so different, doesn’t it? It is another way of applying makeup. After you are done putting on the makeup, according to Korean Jamsu, submerge your face in cold water for 30 seconds. The purpose of cold water is to keep your face hydrated, radiant, and matt. 

The cold water may sound a bit harsh, but the effect it has will last for more than a few hours and better than the setting spray you apply. 


Another forever trend will be sunglasses. They will stay for years and years to come. Starting from the original Wayfarers by Ray-Ban in 1952 to Gucci’s latest sunglasses line, these retro-styled glasses, yet modern at the same time, give you a dashing look you deserve. 

These sunglasses can be paired with any outfit. A dress, skirt, pants, whatever you decide to wear, your glasses will shine perched on top of your nose. 

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