Discover plus “The Love-sick Maid” towards the Bodley Ballads website

Discover plus “The Love-sick Maid” towards the Bodley Ballads website

Nice heart I really do pick so long as will tarry, However, fain that have a young guy wou’d hastily marry; I’m not of your mind for I won’t end up being married, However if it is possible to agree yous might be rapidly bedded, I am going to kiss thee, I am going to kiss thee, and on the new bed tumble, And also you should not dye a housemaid, thus try not to grumble.

Yet another son to that particular maiden reply’d, Sweetheart I admit you shall n’er feel deny’d: ‘Tis pity that you should an excellent virgin depart, Before you keeps tasted from Cupid’s love dart, I am going to hug thee, &c

Following day emerged a unique, and made a sort give, Their hands along with his center and you may somthing else did proffer, But relationship, quothe the guy, I’m able to never agree to, In any thing else, I would personally freely articles you, I am going to hug thee, I am going to kiss thee, and on the new bed tumble, And you should maybe not dye a housemaid, for this reason never grumble.

The existing Maid’s past Prayer.

Become all of the ye pretty Maidens, some elderly specific, specific younger, Who every have sweetheart’s, but I have to last for much longer; Particular 16, particular to get, was cheerfully hitched, Sadly! just how unequally similar things is carried, Good limner, a good penman, a beneficial tinker, an excellent modify, Good sadler, good pedlar, a good ploughman, an excellent sailor, Come soft, become easy, come foolish, been witty, Been don’t let me pass away an old maid, grab me personally out of pitty.

We have a cousin Sally, having more youthful than I’m, Keeps so many sweethearts the woman is forc’d to help you refuse all of them: I never ever was guilty of doubt of several, The lord understands my cardio, I would be grateful for any. A limner, &c.

We have a brother Susan, even though ugly and you may sick shapen, In advance of she try 16 years old, she is actually drawn, Prior to she are eighteen, an excellent child and you will a beneficial child, And you may I’m half a dozen and you will thirty, and ne’er got a deal. An effective limner, &c.

It offers usually become told you, because of the dad and mother, One to planning that relationship, renders space for the next: They that function as the instance, I can forgo putting in a bid, And you may allow the industry judge basically do not want a wedding. A good limner, &c.

We never ever create scold, and you may I’ll most likely never getting envious; My hubby should has actually money to consult with the latest draught beer-house; While he could there be purchasing, I am going to be at your home preserving, And then leave they to you, basically a’nt worthy of with. An effective limner, &c.

The new songbook text a lot more than is nearly just like this new heavier old-fashioned models. What more than is copied towards the Stevens- Douglas manuscript of west Ny, and you will out-of you to definitely authored during the Harold Thompson and you may Edith Cutting’s An effective Leader Songster , p. 73, 1958. I don’t know simply how much of one’s song is provided with, but there is the they and a track in term “The existing Maid Petition” inside the Spicer MS, 1797, indexed by NTI.

Some typically common systems are: ‘Don’t i’d like to perish an old maid,’ Frank Purslow, mond manuscripts, gathered in 1906 (also rather than tunes for the Reeves’ This new Eternal Circle , p. 264, 1960). ‘Sister Susan’ from inside the Helen Г–steuropeiska flickor fГ¶r Г¤ktenskap Flanders and you will George Brown’s, North carolina People-Music and you will Ballads , p. 102, 1959, 1968. “The old Maid’s Lament’ inside Norman Cazden’s, The newest Abelard Folks Song Guide , II, p. 96-97, 1958.

An Irish reworking of second one-fourth of your nineteenth century is on a good broadside issued by Haly regarding Cork and extends this new story to get the excited maid eventually marrying a chimney sweeper. [Most broadside products take brand new Bodley Ballads site-“Chimney-sweeper’s Marriage”]. Antique sizes associated with latter try “Come all you real partners” into the Edith Fowke’s Conventional Tunes and you can Vocalists from Ontario , #twenty-six, 1965, with references, and it is and when you look at the Huntington and you will Herrmann’s Sam Henry’s Music of the people , p. 256. Having Scots items of track select “Auld Maid within the a great Garret”, #forty, in the Nigel Gatherer’s Tunes and you may Ballads of Dundee , 1986. Pick and the ‘Greig-Duncan Men Tune Collection’, VII, #1370-1389 (1998) having a version of it and you will comparable songs,

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